The Ingredients of a Healthy Kitchen Online Program

Detox your kitchen in 6 weeks, and replace bad ingredients with healthier ones so that you never feel ‘guilty’ or ‘worried sick’ about what you or the kids eat.

Brought to you by: Dorit Palvanov, RHN

Are you a mom with young kids who is:

    • Overwhelmed by the conflicting health advice on FB, social media, blogs, health magazines?
    • Are you looking for healthier recipes online but never seem to have these “weird” ingredients?
    • Do you have picky eaters, or kids who don’t like vegetables?
    • Are you struggling with meal planning?
    • Do you feel like you just don’t know what to eat?
    • Are you feeling guilty that you are feeding your kids unhealthy foods?
    • Do you feel 'worried sick' that your child is not getting proper nourishment from what they eat?

    Hi, my name is Dorit Palvanov,

    a wife and a mother of two young girls (4 & 6 years old), a registered holistic nutritionist specializing in pediatrics and family nutrition. I’m also known in my community as “The Ingredient Lady”, now you know why :)

    For the past five years I’ve been immersed in the world of nutrition and healthy eating and coached countless families on the topic of family nutrition and kids’ nutrition. I noticed over and over again that most families are feeling confused and overwhelmed with regards to specific products they purchase for their families, cooking with healthier ingredients and the cost of healthy living.


    To clear some of this overwhelm I started inviting moms into my own kitchen and showing them first hand how I do it, how I set up my kitchen, which ingredients I use and which are my most trusted brands. And this is how I was turned into “The Ingredient Lady” as people started asking me questions regarding specific products, ingredients and brands and more and more moms insisted on seeing how I do it in my own home.

    Prior to meeting with me, some moms were anxious, irritated, confused and deflated. For whatever reason they had a picture in their minds that eating healthy is hard and very expensive, and basically will never happen to them. They were certain that kids won’t eat the “healthier foods” and that without support they cannot do the change. However, after seeing how another mom does it, all of a sudden they felt like it is not so hard - It is actually possible and it doesn’t look hard at all!

    I’ve designed a 6 weeks transformative program which is designed to take you from having no clue about healthy eating to replacing the unhealthy ingredients, to then incorporating the higher quality products in recipes and your daily life.

    How should things change for your family if you follow the program?

    • Kids will get sick less often (maybe once or twice in a year and only for a couple of days)
    • Less sick days in general for everyone at home
    • Maintain a stable weight without dieting
    • Kids are much more curious about new foods, and actually agree to try most of it
    • Energy levels will go up
    • Know how to read and understand the ingredients on packaged foods
    • Feeling confident with regards to what kids eat
    • More organized in the kitchen
    • Know what processed/boxed food to stay away from.
    Mandy Greenspan

    I have an understanding of what certain food do for our body and I purchase much more of those healthy foods. I read labels to see the ingredients contained in the food.
    I buy many more vegetables and fruits and have them pre-cut or washed so they are available to eat.

    I purchase more natural foods (ie. raw honey) and make many more foods at home now myself instead of store bought!

    Mandy Greenspan
    Irit G

    I completely changed my whole outlook on food and nutrition. I have learned the difference between “real” food Vs “plastic” (processed) food. I have stopped buying anything processed and only buy natural non-processed foods now. I have no issue with my kids going into my pantry since all of my snacks are nutritious and do not have processed sugars, salt, preservatives or dyes in it. My house does not have any pop, chips or sweets and kids know they can only have these things occasionally when we go to birthdays or events and therefore rarely ask for it at home. My son, who was very hyper, is now much calmer and performs better at school and home. My husband and myself feel much less bloated and healthier.

    Irit G
    Jacky Nissanov

    I liked that the information and tips that you provide are never pushed or meant to scare. You understand that family life is hard and try to present easy, simple steps to making healthier choices.

    Jacky Nissanov

    This program is for you if:

    • you want to learn how to set up a healthy kitchen
    • you are looking for guidance from a professional nutritionist who specializes in providing solutions for young busy families.
    • you want to learn how to replace the basic kitchen staples with healthier alternatives so that you don’t expose your family to harmful ingredients and at the same time feel good about feeding them superior quality foods
    • You want to educate yourself on the topic of nutrition more and feel empowered about the food choices you make.
    • You are coachable, motivated and open-minded to change

    This program is NOT for you if:

    • creating a healthy family is not a priority for you
    • if you don’t want to change no matter what
    • you are closed minded and not coachable
    • live under the illusion that things will change even if you keep doing the same actions over and over again.

    The program’s length is six weeks and it is designed to take you from the very beginning all the way to a fully stocked up and functioning kitchen which you can use to create wholesome meals which will nourish you and your family. My main goal is to educate and coach you so that you feel empowered each time you go shopping. I want you to know exactly what to choose and what is the reasoning behind this particular choice.

    Here’s a detailed breakdown of the program:

    Week 1

    Healthy Drinks & Liquids (which water filtration system is best for your home, teas, coffee, juices and smoothies).

    Bonuses included:

    • 10 recipes for kid friendly raw juices
    • 10 recipes for kid friendly smoothies
    • 5 must have herbal teas to keep in your pantry
    • a comparison of water filtration systems

    Week 2

    Healthier alternatives to your pantry must haves (oils, salt, herbs & spices, sugar/sweeteners)

    Bonuses included:

    • 5 must have spices and their healing power
    • 9 healthier replacements to sugar
    • best replacements for table salt
    • guide for choosing the best cooking oil for different heating temperatures

    Week 3

    The Healthy Fridge (vegetables, fruits, meats, poultry & fish, dairy & eggs)

    Bonuses included:

    • list of seasonal fruits
    • list of seasonal vegetables
    • Julie Daniluk’s Anti-Inflammatory Food pyramid
    • A Weekly Healthy Shoppping list

    Week 4

    Grains, Beans & Legumes

    Bonuses included:

    • list of beans according to their nutritional value and their cooking times
    • List of healthiest breads on the market

    Week 5

    Healthy Fast-Food & snacks for you and the kids (nuts & seeds, healthy snacks & guilt free sweets

    Bonuses included:

    • an extensive list of healthy sweets and snacks including brand names as well as recipes for homemade versions of some of the recommended products.

    Week 6

    Final Steps & how to maintain what you’ve worked so hard for?

    Bonuses included:

    • replacing toxic containers and cookware with healthier alternatives
    • The healthy kitchen must have utensils
    • must have kitchen appliances to make healthy cooking a breeze
    • Building new habits and the cost of healthy living
    • checklist of the kitchen sections according to what we’ve learned
    Julia Pronin

    A year and a half ago I had a consultation with Dorit Palvanov about how to stop my son and I from getting sick, how to establish healthy habits for both of us, and how to transform what I thought was healthy cooking into truly healthy cooking. I stuck with all her recommendations and the results are amazing! As I get to know her, I continue to be inspired by her dedication to being a healthy mom who is raising a healthy family. The most important job a mom has is being a mom, which means taking care both of yourself and your kids. Everything else is secondary.

    Julia Pronin
    Irit Gutman

    I like the fact that you provide good guidance on where to start the whole process and realize that it is a long way to go and therefore don’t let us get overwhelmed by the amount of information out there. The process of becoming a clean-eater took us at least 6 months and you were there for all questions or concerns we had, step by step; from phone advice to guidance on the first few trips to the health food store and different recipe ideas for picky eaters.

    Irit Gutman

    fade-leftfade-rightSo How much does the Kitchen Makeover Program cost?

    An initial consultation with a nutritionist is usually between $65-95 per hour, and after that they will put you through a coaching program that might cost between $600 to $1000, depending on the length of it.

    For my private coaching programs I also charge similar amounts and the reason for this is the time I spend with each client individually.

    I wanted to create something different for you.

    A program you can do on your own pace, on your own time, while cooking or driving in the car and learning along the way. In this way you will save a lot of money and can achieve the same results!

    That’s why I charge only $97 for the entire six weeks and you have an access to the program for a full year!

    I remember myself about six years ago stepping into the health food store with a long shopping list, excited to replace all the crap I had at home with better quality ingredients. I was pumped! Really excited!

    But, in the end I spent six hours familiarizing myself with the new and weird products, a full cart and a HUGE bill! I actually had to put some stuff away just so that I could pay for all of this. Thinking back this was a very silly idea, as I didn’t take into account the cost and was mostly emotional and irrational in my reasoning.

    But don’t worry this will not happen to you!

    I’ve built the program in a progressive way that will help you manage the new costs. Each week you will have an action task following the classes which will require you to shop for the better quality kitchen item. That way you will not have to pay for everything all at once.


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    fade-leftfade-rightFrequently Asked Questions

    What’s the format like?

    Think short and fun videos, easy to read PDFs with actionable steps to help you replace all the crappy ingredients with superior ones.


    How much time would it take to go through each module?

    I’ve designed the modules specifically for busy moms who don’t have ample amounts of time to spend on learning. Believe me it would be much easier for me to create an eBook but the thing is that most moms don’t have time to read! I totally get that! Each video lesson is 10-15 minutes long and you can listen either while you are cooking in the kitchen, while driving or while you wait for kids during their extra curricular activities. Modules are super short and at the end of each module there is an action task to help you implement what you’ve learned. You will get each week’s material delivered to your email at the beginning of  the week along with four lessons in each week, so you basically have a full week to listen to all the lessons and complete the actions tasks.  


    Will I get access to all six weeks all at once?

    No. The Kitchen Makeover Program is divided into six weeks, each week you will get an access to four lessons with actions tasks and the bonus material. You will get access to a new module each Monday for the next six mondays through a link which will be sent to your email automatically.


    Will i be able to download and keep the course materials?

    Absolutely! You won’t have access to the membership site after 12 months, but you’re more than welcome to download the materials each month and hang onto them for future use.   


    What if I don’t have time to do all the classes?

    The great part about this course is you can take it at your own pace. If you don’t have time to do that week’s content you will be able to download and print off the packet of information and revisit it later. I encourage you to take action and follow through with the plan, just so that that you don’t procrastinate and get the full value of what you’ve paid for.


    Is this going to be fun, helpful and the best purchase I’ll make all year?

    Do you even need to ask?! If you disagree then within the first 30 days, I will refund your money no questions asked.

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